Virtual Spanish Wine Tasting


What are our "Virtual Experiences"?

Each programme connects you with one of our experts for an hour-long online chat, augmented with live-feed sounds and images, and even samples sent directly to your home. So, while a master winemaker walks and talks you through a Spanish vineyard, you can taste the Rioja and Albariño for yourself, and pair them with our recommended cheeses. And while our Hemingway expert tells you stories from the author’s wild nights out in Madrid, he’ll also show you how to mix the very cocktails that “Don Ernesto” used to order, so we can raise a glass to him together.

Our range of Virtual Experiences covers master paintings with an art historian, flamenco music and dancing with a professional performer, introductions to Spanish fashion and interiors with designers in those fields. These are not Ted Talks, or Powerpoint presentations. Hosted over Zoom with a maximum of 8 connective devices, they are fully crafted and curated sessions that feel like dropping into a member’s club. You can ask questions, take notes, share moments with your friends, and get a sense for all the colour, dash, and personality that we bring to our tours. It’s the next best thing to being here with us. And soon enough, you will be.



Kath Sidoli

I really enjoyed the sociability of it and the information we gleaned. We enjoyed the wine very much too. Can’t wait to attend another tasting!

(Meet Spanish Winemakers series)

Ros Ives

“The wines we tasted were high scoring, highly regarded and not easy to get hold of in the UK – so we felt as though we’d had a real treat. A wonderful relaxed learning experience in lively and informative company and a large glass of full bodied red in hand – thanks Jo we’d love to do it again!”

(Meet the Winemakers series)

Carolina Collins

“100% Recommend! It was entertaining but professional and great wine!”

(Meet the Winemakers Series)