Ready for a cold Papa Doble?

Cocktails with Hemingway Expert

Ernest Hemingway loved Spain more than any other country,  and he kept coming back for over half of his life. He first visited as a young man, for the bullfights of Pamplona and the San Fermin fiesta. Later, as a foreign correspondent he reported from the front lines of the Spanish Civil War. As an older, world-famous author he mixed with the likes of Frank Sinatra at Madrid’s Museo Chicote. His favourite bars in the capital are basically unchanged, even if they recently had to close for the longest period in their history.

Join us for an exclusive online history lesson and drinking session with resident expert Stephen Phelan. Stephen is the journalist who runs our regular tour of Hemingway’s Madrid. He’ll talk you through all the grit and glamour, writing and fighting of Don Ernesto’s Spanish adventures. He will fill you in on the real-life events that inspired many of his best novels and stories, including The Sun Also Rises and For Whom The Bell Tolls. You don’t have to be a fan to enjoy this virtual romp through his life and times – Hemingway was absurdly macho even by the standards of the day. Any modern appreciation of his work must also allow rolling eyes at his behaviour, and poking a bit of fun at his expense.



Throughout the chat Stephen, will also show you how to mix Hemingway’s cocktails of choice. The Dry Martini, as he used to drink it at Madrid’s Hotel Palace Bar, and the Papa Doble, invented by Hemingway himself and still served in his honour at Museo Chicote. So, while you’re hearing all about Don Ernesto’s life and times in Spain, you can raise a glass to the man himself.

What to Expect


Drinks prepared and mixed as Hemingway liked them at his favourite bars in Madrid.


Richly detailed anecdotes that show the legendary author at his best and worst.


Readings from some of Hemingway’s best stories, giving context for his love of Spain.

Details & Booking

Price: Your own private session is US$ 250 / £ 195 / 215 € / AU$ 352  – you can invite up to 8 other friends to join you!
Available: Every day
Start time and duration: TBD, 1 hour
What’s included: Zoom class with Stephen, resident Hemingway Expert

RESERVATION must be made up to 1 week before

  • We will email you cocktail recipes prior to the class so you can be prepared.
  • This class is held on Zoom. If you aren’t familiar with the platform, we would be delighted to send you information on how to get started and linked up!

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