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insiders old madrid tour

Insiders' Gourmet Tour 2019

September 1-15, 2019
September 1-15, 2020

This seven-day tour offers a gourmet overview of central and southern Spain, allowing you to see, taste and breathe the wonders the country has to offer. We travel through diverse landscapes in Castile and Leon, Extremadura and Andalucia, beginning and ending in Madrid.

The trip is hosted by Joanna Wivell (Insider’s Travel), designed together with Jeremy Shaw (Iberian Wine Tours). Their combined knowledge offers a double inside track on how to taste the very best of Spain, underpinned by many years uncovering the heart and soul of Iberia.

The love of wine, and the stories surrounding it, is one of the key elements of this trip. We experience tastings of top class wines from established winemakers as well as visits to what are considered the best new wineries in the region.


We aim to provide an experience which goes beyond wine and food, to enable you to get a feel for the region and its culture. The following activities offer an alternative flavour of Spain:

*We visit several contrasting wineries to taste some stunning wines.

*We provide a selection of top class restaurants on the tour ranging from small and traditional to international standard award-winning venues.

*We have selected comfortable and stylish accommodation.

insiders old madrid tour

What's Included

Visit the UNESCO World Heritage cities of Avila, Salamanca, Caceres and Merida.

Tour the fantastically preserved Roman ruins in Merida.

Go golden eagle spotting on a boat trip along the Douro River.

Enjoy Flamenco in its spiritual home city of Seville.