Meet the Winemakers

Insider’s Travel gastronomy tours, which we hope to resume very soon, range from the southern hills of Andalusia to the northern plateau of Castile and León and the deep river gorges of the Portuguese border. Each of these stops represents a different corner of Spanish wine country, where we stop to visit vineyards that don’t usually open to the public. The owners are good friends of ours, whose stories flow into their wines – the character of which is drawn from the climate, and landscape, and history of the places they have chosen to plant themselves. As part of exclusive Virtual Experiences, you can now meet these master winemakers online, take a digital tour of their properties, and taste their wares from sample bottles delivered to your door.

You’ll hear from Lauren Rosillo on his hilltop near Malaga, where the grapes grow on slopes so steep only donkeys can plough them. From British woman, Charlotte Allen, high in the Arribes del Duero Natural Park, where the ancient granite soil of the “wild west” has been producing intense and aromatic reds and whites since before Spain became Spain. And from Javier Bohórquez, from the Golden Mile of Ribera del Duero, where this agricultural engineer and pioneer works on Tempranillo varietals he calls “wonders of nature”, in a land roamed by roe deer and royal eagles.

Even if you can’t quite smell the breeze or feel the ground under your feet, this hour-long session is bursting with all the personality of these growers and their wines.


What to Expect


Winemaker’s wines are shipped to you.


Learn about the winery from its winemaker.


Set up your own party from home!

Details & Booking

Price: Price: Your own private session is US$ 250 / £ 195 / 215 € / AU$ 352  – up to 10 people. Wine ordered separately.
Start Time & Duration: Time TBD, 1 hour
What’s included: Conversation with winemaker, class on zoom

RESERVATION must be made up to 1 week before to be able to deliver you the wines. 

Interested in joining a sign-up group session? Please let us know.


  • We will email you with the best food pairings to go with the wine.
  • This class is held on Zoom. If you aren’t familiar with the platform, we would be delighted to send you information on how to get started and linked up!
  • When you visit us in the future, we can take you to physically visit these wineries!

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A fun and informative evening was had by all when my husband and I joined Insider Travel’s Jo Wivell for a Zoom wine tasting. Jo had invited Javier Bohórquez, a Spanish wine producer, to talk about his vineyard and winery Bodegas Bohórquez situated in the Duero. We were a multi national group with some appearing to be wine buffs (my husband and I are more quaffers)! Jo gave an excellent presentation contextualising the wine, the winery and the region which really inspired us to make the trip once the world has opened up again. Javier then took over and guided us through the tasting. We tried two wines : Cardela and the Bohórquez Reserva, which as big fans of Spanish reds we enjoyed very much. Javier talked with pride and passion about the vineyard, the terroir, the winery and the process as well as his journey in the wine industry which was fascinating. His wines are high scoring, highly regarded and not easy to get hold of in the UK – so we felt as though we’d had a real treat. A wonderful relaxed learning experience in lively and informative company with a large glass of full bodied red in hand – thanks Jo we’d love to do it again!

(Meet the Winemakers)

Carol Collis

Absolutely loved the virtual wine tour.  The wine was exceptional…terrific to have the story direct from the wine maker.  Overall a lovely ending and great fun.  Can’t wait for the next one!

(Meet the Winemakers)

Cathy S

Great evening spent meeting new friends, hearing about a unique vineyard from a charismatic owner and tasting delicious wine – what could be better?

(Meet the Winemakers Series)