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Introduction to Spanish Wine

If you’re curious about wine but feel it’s not your world, or looking to learn a little more about the Rioja or cava you drank on holiday, these casual and convivial sessions are ideal for deepening your knowledge and broadening your palate. The experience may be “virtual”, but the wines are very real and highly drinkable. These one-hour classes with our good friend and master sommelier Miguel Crunia are built around two Spanish wines – specially selected and delivered to your door in plenty of time for an interactive tasting.

The Galician-born grandson of a veteran wine merchant, Miguel now runs the renowned The Green Room in Edinburgh and serves as Spain’s “wine ambassador” to Scotland, importing bottles from booming vineyards and tiny, boutique bodegas in every corner of his country. For all his passion and erudition, he’s also a great storyteller and thoroughly laid-back host, who is only too happy to ease you through all the complex processes that go into the contents of each glass, from regional soil types and grape varieties to growing and ageing methods.

You’ll be free to ask questions, chat about your preferences, and make friends with fellow classmates, as the overall feel is more like a fun, informal wine club meeting (complete with a list of perfect side dishes to pair with each vintage, from cured meats and smoked cheeses to Miguel’s favourite Spanish olives).


What to Expect


The wines are shipped to your home.


Learn about Spain’s landscapes, climate and grapes – the fun way!


A spontaneous and relaxed setting to easily make new friends!

Details & Booking

Price: TBD
Start Time & Duration: Time TBD, 1 hour
What’s included: Zoom class with our sommelier

*RESERVATION must be made up to 1 week before to be able to deliver you the wines. 

*** As of the moment, this is only available for out UK clients.

** For our friends outside the UK, please contact us to arrange a bespoke tasting! 



  • We will email you with the best food pairings to go with the wine.
  • This class is held on Zoom. If you aren’t familiar with the platform, we would be delighted to send you information on how to get started and linked up!

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